Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Publisher: Silver Publishing
Author: Cecilia Ryan
Cover Artist: Reese Dante
Genres: Contemporary, Gay, Romance
ISBN: 9781920502454
Format: eBook
Pages: 164 pp.
Word Count: 36193
Price: $ 5.99 Your Price $ 5.69
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Disillusioned history professor Eric Spears has been looking for an intellectual equal for some time and his world is rocked when Arthur begins attending lectures. But with another student getting uncomfortably close, can their relationship flourish?

History professor Eric Spears has grown disillusioned with the academic life he's always been a part of. But when a young man called Arthur starts attending his lectures, he finds his enthusiasm renewed by this unregistered student. For the first time in a long while, Eric longs for a real lover and companion, instead of the casual affairs he's used to. He gets his wish under surprising circumstances, but their blossoming relationship is not without its problems.

Complications arise when Percy, another student of Eric's, begins to take too much of an interest in both of them. Will Eric and Arthur's relationship survive Percy's machinations? Or will Eric lose him due to his own insecurity?


Here is a book I was more than just happy with, I was THRILLED.  It was well written, developed and had an easy flow to it.  The characters felt alive to me. This is an inter-generational romance so if you have a problem with large age differences you may not be comfortable, just a warning.

Eric is a history professor at a college in England teaching an apathetic crowd of students with the exception of the one young man, Arthur, who isn’t even registered for the class, but sneaks in daily to try to better himself because he can’t afford to attend as a regular student.
You can probably guess that Eric develops feeling for Arthur which are eventually returned, it is a romance after all. 
The real tension of the story is a trouble maker named Percy.
As you read you will meet other players in this romantic drama.  There is only the mildest of sex scenes which fit the tone of the book nicely.  The romance is the high point, the drama helps move the story and the characters involve you, everything that makes a great novel.  This will be a book that I will read again and again.