Sunday, March 11, 2012

Portrait of a Kiss

Southern Beaus # 1
Yet again I have delved into my bookshelf of favourite re reads and pulled out one of the very best. T.D. McKinney & TerryWylis are fantastic authors. I have read many of their works and have loved them all.

Portrait of a Kiss holds a special place in my heart. This book has you laughing, crying, getting mad as hell (well it did me). I loved every moment I was in this wonderful world these talented authors have created.

Southern Beaus is an exceptionally well written series and I can honestly say if there were typos and grammatical errors in Portrait of a Kiss then I missed them, as the storyline itself had me sucked in from the very first word until the very last.

WARNING: If you are anything like me you will definitely need a box of tissues. I bawl my eyes out every time I read this book. It even had my daughter who doesn't cry very often tearing up.

I will end with my favourite lines from this book just because I love them so damn much.

"Wh-what is that thing?" A rich voice, but breathy and shaky...and coming from right next to the hutch. David didn't so much as hear it as feel it, a tremor over his inner ears. "Y-you brought a...a dragon into my house?"

The painting's compelling blue eyes fascinate former police detective David Schaeffer . Those beautiful eyes,that gorgeous face, couldn't possibly belong to a killer. But according to all the evidence in this small, sleepy river town in Alabama, that's exactly who the man in the portrait is... or was...

David never expects his inherited mansion to come with it's very own ghost. And certainly not the ghost of handsome, mischievous Brian Terhune, the man in the portrait, chained for eternity to his family home and accused of a horrific double murder he didn't commit.

When Brian's ghost proves to be not just a pretty face on a canvas but a wonderful, sensitive man, David's fascination turns to passionate love. Deeply enamored, he vows to clear his adored Brian's name, wading through fifty-years-cold web of hatred and suspicion.

But clearing Brian's name comes at a price. Acknowledged as innocent, Brian will be freed from this world, able to pass into the afterlife to the peaceful rest he deserves. Breaking Brian's shackles could very well break David's heart...


Book One
Portrait of a Kiss

Book Two
The Wolfe Proxy

Book Three
Copperhead Road

Book Four
Tensaw Blues



  1. Thank you so much, Norma! It's wonderful to know you enjoyed the whole series!

  2. Norma is great, she should so the review blog! She has read thousands, me maybe 100 or so now.