Monday, March 26, 2012


Publisher: Silver Publishing
Author: Anna Marie May
Series: Betting On Love
Book # 1
Cover Artist: Reese Dante
Genres: Gay, Romance, Suspense/Mystery
ISBN: 9781920501389
Format: eBook
Pages: 276 pp.
Word Count: 57037
Price: $6.99
You Earn: 7 reward points

A bet dares Zach to seduce any guy his best friend chooses.  Smitten at first sight, Zach forgets it's just a bet and falls madly in love with Len. But then Len's past threatens to destroy their future.
Accepting a bet to seduce any guy his best friend chooses puts Zach McKinney in the path of Len Marshall. Smitten at first sight, Zach forgets all about the bet and falls madly in love until Len's forgotten past catches up with them, putting them both in danger.
For Len Marshall, meeting Zach was something akin to destiny. It not only brought love into his life, but made him feel like he has a home. The new relationship, though, is overshadowed by a past that Len has blocked from his memory and by certain individuals who want to make sure those memories stay buried forever. Can love built on shadows last the test of time? Or will their happiness be destroyed by the same men who took Len's life away all those years ago? Because this time, they're out for blood.
What stars out a as a bet for Zach to win the phone number of a girl becomes far more when he becomes involved in the life of Len Marshall, who at the time doesn’t know that is his real last name.
Mystery romance and family drama flow in this well written and deeply involving romance novel about two young men falling quickly in love.  Oh, the girl?  She pops up along the way.
This is also a novel about family and acceptance, and expectations met and broken.
Nobody who reads this novel will be left unmoved.  I highly recommend you bring a tissue box and not just for a few tears, there are some hot love making scenes along the way too, because that is what they are, love making, not sex.  Have a great read!


  1. Thanks so much for the lovely review. I really appreciate it. :)

  2. I am so glad you were pleased with the review!