Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sleeping with the Past

Sleeping with the Past... I am going to say it, you know I am - I love this book.

In my humble opinion Cassidy Ryan has outdone herself. I know I should be telling you all about new books, but at the moment I am in re read mode - and this book is one of the first I always reach for. Nathan and Asher are just two of the fricken awesome-est characters ever.

I would have to say this is probably the second M/M book that I got my daughter to read, and she absolutely loved it as well.

This story made me go out and buy more of Cassidy Ryan's work, and I can honestly say I have enjoyed everything that I have read. I can guarantee you will enjoy Sleeping with the Past just as much as I do.


Nathaniel is a cop, assigned to protect professor and well-known writer Asher Munro. Asher has been receiving threats, and as the situation gets worse and worse, Nathaniel and Asher have to spend a lot of time together, for Asher's protection. Their attraction goes far beyond what a policeman should feel for someone under his care, so Nathaniel deny's what he feels,even when Asher confronts him with his own needs. Someone wants Asher dead, though, and Nathaniel wants the man very much alive. Can they keep Asher and deal with what they feel for each other?


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