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Cover Artist: Reese Dante
Genres: Contemporary, Family & Relationships, Gay, Romance
ISBN: 9780986981821
Format: eBook
Pages: 82 pp.
Word Count: 15525
Price: $3.95 On Sale currently for $ 3.75

This book contains subject matter than some find disturbing so if you have a problem with incest you may want to avoid this book. If you do though, you will miss a special kind of love story.



For Avery Grey, life wasn't easy. He was smaller than most guys and nerdy, a real prize winner. And, as if this wasn't enough, he was gay and in love with the one person he knew it was wrong to desire. Rather than deal with the heartbreak, he chose to dedicate himself to medical school.

Hunter Grey, the tough guy athlete tried to focus on everything other than the one person who caused the ache inside his heart. For years, he had managed to keep his secret locked up inside him. Although some of his teammates didn't know he was gay, this was the least of his worries. His biggest secret haunted him and had him waking up in the middle of the night soaked to the bone in sweat. The guilt and disgust within him tore him apart each day.

When secrets are exposed, how will an unconventional love between brothers change the lives of these two men? Can their bond and love for each other survive and flourish, or will it ultimately rip them apart?


    In doing reviews for this blog I have found some great books and authors to fill many hours of reading time.  While I was laid up recovering this past two weeks I discovered the amazing word work of Leiland Dale.  I had known who he was for a while but had commitments for other reviews.  I picked up BROTHERS WITHOUT BONDS, well picked up doesn’t really work anymore since we’ve ventured into the land of the e-book but you get my drift.
     This book is AMAZING!  It’s a bit short but that is cool, the sex is romantic and the relationship between the two brothers, Hunter and Avery is handled with tender loving care.
I know that a lot of people are turned off by stories about incest, but most of that is from al the father molesting the kid stories which disgust me as well.  Siblings falling in love, while rare can happen.  Look at the wildly famous FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC by the late V.C. Andrews, for example.
     Anyway, back on track now.  Hunter and Avery are college students who try to hide their feeling from each other until the time comes when they can’t hide it anymore.
     Also introduced in his book are Blythe and Sterling Gold who will be the leads in book 2 of the series.


Cover Artist: Reese Dante
Genres: Contemporary, Gay, Romance
ISBN: 9781920468637
Format: eBook
Pages: 89 pp.
Word Count: 15281
Price: $3.99


This book contains subject matter than some find disturbing so if you have a problem with incest you may want to avoid this book.  If you do though, you will miss a special kind of love story.

Growing up, Blythe Gold did everything a big brother should do. He did his best to protect Sterling and was always there, looking out for him. One night of shared passion with friends, opens Blythe’s eyes to a future he never thought possible. For Blythe, life would never be the same. For as long as he could remember, there’s only been one man for him. A man who, according to society, should be out of his reach. But society's expectations couldn't stop his heart from falling in love with Sterling.
Sterling Gold grew up to believe that love was unconditional. Never could he have imagined, the person he would love most, was the only man he should never love. After years of trying to hide his feelings, transferring universities and moving out of state, events begin to unfold that would change his future forever.  Would society standards rip them apart or will the love between brothers prove stronger?

    The story of Blythe and Sterling Gold takes place some months after the events of BROTHERS WITHOUT BORDERS.  The young men are now working in the hospital and living together but things are still somewhat strained between them.  Blythe is still in protective mode and Sterling more the annoyed sibling waiting for big brother to make the first move.
    About mid novel everything changes when near tragedy strikes during a visit to Avery and Hunters for a BBQ.
    The romance is still solid and the sex sedate and loving.  This is a true romance that is touching in many ways, though not intended for prudes or Bible thumpers who are easily offended by incest.
Then again if you are offended by incest, you are also offended by homosexuality so what are you reading this for anyway? Lol

   Leiland Dale is a very talented writer who works far too hard with the Silver Publishing empire he is in the process of building.  Long may the Silver flag wave and be a true sign to the gay community and to those who just like a good story for people with a little more open minds.

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