Sunday, March 18, 2012


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Author: Mike Shade

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 166 pages / 50000 words

ISBN: 978-1-60370-723-7, 1-60370-723-9

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This book features subjects that are considered uncomfortable by some people.  There is incest between twin males as well as inter-racial homosexual relations.  Then again this is a M/M review site so you kind of figure there will be gay sex, right?   



Ken and Bay are rich young men who like to party, make love together, and party some more. They also happen to be twins. Estranged from their father since their mother died when they were small children, they've learned to rely only on each other and not depend on anyone else. When their father hires a pair of bodyguards, Rick and Simon, to watch their every move, they think it's just a bid on his part to keep them under his thumb, and Ken and Bay do their best to get rid of their babysitters. Rick and Simon aren't thrilled with the assignment, either. Their break-up went badly, and they have one last job to do before they can get rid of the company they run together. Then an all too real explosion rocks the mansion, and their bodyguards split the twins up, running in a different direction to keep them safe. Will Ken and Bay survive the threat that hangs over them? Will they survive being apart for the first time in their lives? And will Simon and Rick learn to deal with the twins, and with each other, before the threat is over?


Some of you may think it is a little soon for me to be doing another review of a book with content involving incestuous brothers, well after reading Leiland Dale’s UNBREAKABLE BONDS series I was curious as to whether there were other books with the same type of set up; research and the suggestion of a friend, l was led to SECURITY by Mike Shade.

This book is amazing in its unusual length, 310 pages on my Nook, and it has a solid story with very deep emotional depth of characterization and layers of suspense.  Normally I’ve only found these characteristics in the novels from Dreamspinner Press and Silver publications. Torquere is a fairly unfamiliar publisher for me and this is the first of their books I have reviewed.

The twins, Ken and Bay have a loving relationship yet bring others into the mix at times, mostly for Ken’s pleasure as Bay would be happy for it to be just them.  Ben has epilepsy which is triggered by stress or injury but can be controlled with pills he often forgets to take.  The connection between the brothers is so intense they are wildly different when separated for a long period of time.

Rick and Simon were once lovers, now apart; they can barely speak to each other but are forced to work together again to protect the twins from a death through brought on by the stupidity of their greedy father.

High action and sex are brought together for a raging ride and raging hard-ons as the “pages” turn, well, real pages if you decide to go with the paperback from, everybody else will be turning the pages of their e-readers, like I did.

Read it, enjoy it, and come back to see what I’m reading next.


  1. I love this story - I re read it all the time it is just Fricken Awesome... it was one of those ones I bought by accident and loved every minute of it.

  2. It was better than I had expected and gave great pleasure. Not a book I will forget any time soon. Plus the twins were great!


  3. My favorite twincest book along with Broken by Sage Whistler...pick that one up if you havent read it yet.


  4. Thanks for your reply & the recomendation! I'll be off to look for that book right now!! :D


  5. You can find it a is really well written.


  6. Adding this to my TBR. Torquere has some decent Twincest stories- not sure how you feel about Sean Michael but I enjoyed his Baked. It was a D/s twin story.