Monday, March 5, 2012

Love Means... Courage

This would have to be my favourite series of all time. The Love Means Series, (or Farm Series as it is really known as) is one that just tugs at your heart and doesn't let go.

In this book Love Means... Courage. My favourite Character is Len Parker, and he remains my favourite throughout the whole series. This is technically number 2 in the series but being a prequel I always read it first.

This is the book that I take with me when I travel (as I have it in print as well as ebook) It is one of my comfort books that when I am feeling down I read this and it seems to  make everything all right. Not only do I love this book but my daughter does too.

WARNING: Tissues will be needed throughout this series. If you are anything like I am you will start crying before the sad part starts. Andrew Grey does a wonderful job of sucking people into his worlds.


Len Parker is laid off during the recession in the early eighties and decides to go back to college at home in rural Michigan, where he reconnects with his best friends from high school, Ruby. he's overjoyed when she marries  Cliff Laughton and overcome with sorrow when she dies an untimely death, leaving behind her husband and two year old son.

Out of work again, Len finds a job at Cliff Laughton's sorely neglected farm. Cliff is still mourning his wife, struggling to raise his son, and has little enthusiasm or energy left to work. Len immediately begins to whip the farm - including the two Laughtons - into shape. Working side by side, Len and Cliff grow ever closer, but loving another man takes a lot of courage. They'll have to stand together as they face faltering business, threatening drought, misguided family, and Midwestern prejudices to protect what might be a lifelong love.

Love Means Series: my preferred reading order.

# 1 Recommend reading second.

#2 Prequel to book 1 Recommend reading first.

# 3 recommend reading fourth.

# 4 Recommend reading fifth.

# 5 Recommend reading sixth.

# 6 Recommend reading third.

# 7 Recommend reading seventh.



  1. Great post, Norma! I love this series, and it's funny you mention them being your comfort books because they're mine too! Whenever I'm feeling a little down or under the weather, I just re-read one of these. And yes, I've certainly needed a tissue on more than one occasion!

    Also want to send get well wishes to Randy. Hope you're feeling better soon!

  2. Great review Norma, I haven't read AG yet but will soon try thanks to you!

    Charlie: I'm feeling more like myself and hope to be posting online again soon. Thanks for your kind thoughts.