Sunday, March 25, 2012


Publisher: Silver Publishing

Author: Diane Adams

Series: The Making of a Man

Book # 4

Cover Artist: Reese Dante

Genres: Contemporary, Gay, Male/Female, Romance

ISBN: 9781920502287

Format: eBook

Pages: 147 pp.

Word Count: 30085

Price: $4.99

You Earn: 5 reward points



Clark dreams of love--the kind Alex and Jared share. He wants it with Stevie, but feels she is slipping away. Beset by jealousy over his friends' relationship, he wonders if his battle for Stevie's heart will cost him everything.

Some people have a bucket list of things to do before they die. Clark has one, too, summed up in a single word: love.  Love like his friends, Alex and Jared, share. He wants what they have with Stevie.



As you know I made a slip in my last review, which was Jade Astor’s CALEB, by attributing it to Diane. This is the book that I had mixed in my head when I was working on when I wrote that review.  Again, I apologize for my error.  Here is the review that goes with CLARK’S STORY, which I also had to do some minor tweaking to before posting.  Reminder to reviewers, don’t write at 6 AM without benefit of high octane coffee! LOL

CLARK’S STORY is technically an M/F romance novel which I wouldn’t review here but because it is part of Diane’s Making Of A Man series.  Most of the supporting characters are gay and appear in the other books as leads so I felt comfortable covering this here, also because the book doesn’t feature sex scenes of any variety, M/F or M/M.

The book opens and closes around a Thanksgiving feast. The bulk of the story focuses on the romance between Clark and Stevie; a relationship than goes through many trials.  They are accompanied through this by their friends, loving couple Alex and Jared who are newly settled into their own relationship which has its own bumpy moments.

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