Saturday, June 30, 2012


Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Author: J. P. Barnaby
Title: Discovered
Series: Little Boy Lost
Book: 4
ISBN-13:  978-1-61581-874-7
Pages: 200
Cover Artist:  Catt Ford
Categories: Novels, Contemporary, Romance
Book Type: eBook (Paperback also available)
File Formats Available:    .epub, .lit, .prc, html, pdf
Price: $6.99 (e-book) Paperback $14.95




Sequel to Vanished

Little Boy Lost: Book Four
Little Boy Lost is the story of Jamie Mayfield, a golden-haired fallen angel. Dumped into a gay rehab center and shunned by his parents, the once-adored son of small-minded, small town people has had to find his own way in life.
Jamie is astonished and dismayed when Brian McAllister, the boy he knows is the other half of his soul, explodes back into his precarious life. In the nearly two years they’ve been apart, not a day has gone by that Jamie hasn’t thought of Brian, no matter how hard surviving has been. How can Jamie protect Brian from the pain and brutalization in his life when he can’t even protect himself? Brian and Jamie will put every bit of themselves into saving each other, but Steven O’Dell isn’t the only obstacle keeping the boys apart. Jamie’s own self-hatred may prove to be their undoing.


With book four the point of view moves from Brian to Jamie and answers are given for the fallout after his parents removed him from Alabama and Brian.  His life has been one turmoil after the next and it will take all of Brian’s love to rescue him from the dangers situation he has gotten himself trapped in.
Like with book 3, DISCOVERED is set in the world of pornographic film making and the sexual description is explicit as is necessary for this type of story.  Some may find the actions of the characters disturbing so I warn you, there is also violence included within the continuing story of Brian and Jamie.  They are together again, but not the way Brian wants and he sets out to change that, but can he?
There is not a lot of room for romance in this one but you still see the love the boys have for each other and that alone keeps the reader turning pages.  This is truly another pleasure and triumph in series storytelling.


Publisher: No Boundaries Press
Author(s): Stephanie Danielson and Julie Lynn Hayes
Title: Growing Pains
Series: Southern Comfort
Book: 2
Format: e-book
Price: $ 4.99


Trouble is growing in Paradise, as Mark moves away from Blake and toward Todd. How can love survive when fear gets in the way? Things get complicated as Todd encourages Mark to spend time with him, behind Blake’s back. It’s a good thing Blake has Clay to fall back on, to be his rock as Mark slips away from him. The tale of the tape is going to be the Homecoming Dance. But first there’s the matter of the class rings…
Nothing is easy and nothing is written in stone… not even love.


When I reviewed book 1 of this series a few months back I was amazed at the quality and style of the writing and amazed two authors could combine their styles to form a coherent, enjoyable whole.  Upon reading book two my opinion is only affirmed by this excellent work for young adults or older readers, there is plenty of story, drama and erotic entertainment for anyone.
The authors split the characters they want to handle and do a great job.  The book is a good length to tell the story with humor and love. 
This book introduces a new character to the mix that will turn the tables and make waves, both good and bad for Blake and Mark.  Returning Character, Todd, becomes more defined than in the first book.
Will love conquer all or will free break what looked like a lasting bond between two young men the reader is led to love?  Read and find out because you will not be sorry.  Book 3 will be available soon and I will add that review as quickly as I get my hands on it because I want to know what happens next.