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This is a series of reviews I have been looking forward to presenting but chose to hold off for the 6th and final book to be released on July 2, 2012 from Dreamspinner Press.  J.P. is doing a blog hop to promote the series and book 6 specifically.
I found out about the series in January of this heard and became hooked before I was half way through Book 1.  At the time book 5 had only recently been released and I had yet to start this blog.  I entered a contest on , the author’s official web site and through some stretch of luck, I won the series in e-book form.  Soon after J. P. and I were Facebook friends and have continued to be so.
I am very pleased to bring my reviews for these books to you now.  If you haven’t read them, shame on you, get to the e-reader! As I write this I haven’t read book six myself yet but hope to have it and get my review ready for you on the book’s release day.
J.P has also consented to write a guest blog for me to bring to you here soon so keep an eye out for that as well.
I will post one review a day until I’ve put up all 5 books, then on release day, I hope will be the review for book 6.  If not, it will be within a few days of that date.  I have been waiting for this book for a while now even though I hate to see an end to the saga of Brian and Jamie, it will be good to see their happy ever after, or that is what I hope will happen…who knows?

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Author: J. P. Barnaby
Title: Enlightened
Series: Little Boy Lost
Book: 1
ISBN-13:  978-1-61581-817-4
Pages: 200
Cover Artist:  Catt Ford
Categories: Novels, Contemporary, Romance
Book Type: eBook (Paperback also available)
File Formats Available:    .epub, .lit, .prc, html, pdf
Price: $6.99 (e-book) Paperback $ 14.95




Little Boy Lost is the story of Brian McAllister, the boy next door.
Brian goes to school, does his homework, and helps his foster parents around the house. Brian also has a secret: he is in love with his best friend, Jamie. But in Crayford, Alabama, being in love with another boy is the worst 
kind of sin.
Brian and Jamie will discover just how deep their emotional bond runs, and at what cost. What will they do if their secret is discovered? From fumbling through their first sexual experiences to hiding all aspects of their relationship from everyone in their lives, Brian and Jamie battle for the one thing that is truly theirs—love.



When friends become lovers in rural Alabama parents don’t react well, at least that is how it was for Jamie, when his mother caught him and Brian together for the first time in a more than friendship kind of way.  She set events into motion that fired off this series with emotional connection for any reader with a heart and a memory of young love and first time experimentation.
 Brian and Jamie’s journey, together and apart, begin here in the sexually tamest of the series.  What happens when the love of your life is snatched away?
Sounds like more of a blurb than a review doesn’t it?  It is hard to really say much about the first book because so much of later events hinge on what happens here and believe me, this is a series you have got to start at the very beginning.
This is and will always be my most favorite M/M series of all the ones I’ve read or tried to read so far.  There is no disappointment to be had, a few tears to shed, for certain though.  Then again I’m a romantic softie.
Read this, love it and follow on through the next 4 books, then into book 6, SACRIFICED on July 2, 2012.
Above this review is a promo trailer for book which is also available on the book’s page at Dreamspinner.  To the one who created the video, excellent work!  J.P. knows how much I love these books and now, so do you.


  1. HI Randy! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review the series. As to your comment about the video - I made them. The first three have trailers. :) The third trailer has excerpts from Devon Hunter's adult video "Morning Wood" that I licensed from him. I think it's my favorite. ;)

  2. I am so glad you like the review. I will be posting the review for Book 2 shortly. I like the third trailer the best too, I've never sen the movie the scenes came from but I sure want to!