Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Author: J. Michael Halfhill
ISBN-13:  978-1-61372-395-1
Pages: 350
Cover Artist: Anne Cain
Categories:      Novels, Mystery/Suspense, Romance
Book Type:     eBook
File Formats Available: .epub, .prc, .prc, html, pdf
Price: $ 6.99


Book 1
Eighteen-year-old Jan Phillips is down and out, hustling johns in Philadelphia’s Tenderloin District, when he catches the eye of Tim Morris, a powerful lawyer with ties to a secret organization. Against his better judgment, Jan is soon caught up in a web of intrigue that will change his life forever—or end it prematurely.

Book 2
It’s 4:00 a.m., and the phone is ringing. Waking from an uneasy sleep, Jan answers and in so doing allows two strangers into his life. One is a victim of a heinous crime, a man to whom Jan feels an instant connection. The other is a deadly enemy. Their appearance will lead to murder—and the first plight Jan faces as Master of the Mundus Society.
Previously published as two novels: Bought and Paid For published by iUniverse and Scimitar published by Author House.


This is an amazing novel. Though not technically M/M, it does have elements of an M/M novel woven through both books contained in this re-issue of the first two novels in the Jan Phillips series. Book 3: SONS will be released from Dreamspinner at a later date followed by book 4 which I’m told is in the works.
There is something for everyone in this book, from intergenerational sexual encounters in book one to interracial romance in book 2.  The sex in book 1 is at time graphic but needed to prove the point of the relationship between the main characters, Jan and his mentor, Tim.
Book 2 is more subdued with fade outs and suggestion as the story is more geared to action and adventure as well as the growing romance between Jan, now in his late twenties and Michael an American-Chinese young man a few years his junior.
The story has intrigue and excitement, romance and sex enough to please anyone who is out for a good read and not a titillating thrill.  This is a novel for serious readers wanting an enjoyable read, it is deep and flowing with often lyrical prose that stays with the reader long after they have finished the last sentence.

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