Sunday, April 22, 2012


Publisher: Loose id
Author: Amanda Young
Title: Chicken Ranch: Hunger (Novella)
Cover Art: Anne Cain
 ISBN:        978-1-59632-957-7
Genre:         LGBT Erotic Contemporary
Price: $ 4.99

Disowned and cast out of his home, eighteen year old Declan Mayo turns to the only thing he can think of to help him get back on his feet. Working at the Chicken Ranch, a rural brothel that caters to women and gay men, seems like the perfect solution. He isn’t about to let a lack of sexual experience stop him from taking what he sees as a way off the streets.

Falling in love with one of his clients wasn’t in the game plan, but Declan can’t seem to help himself. Killian Hamilton is sweet and kind, with a stutter Declan can’t help but find adorable. Surely, if anyone could overlook Declan’s choice of employment, it would be a kindhearted man like Killian.

But Declan didn't figure on Killian’s connection to one of the brothel’s regular clients, and now his love life's about to blow up in his face.
Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, male/male sexual practices.

This is my first review of a Loose Id title and I must admit I am impressed.  The author, Amanda Young, is a gifted author at handling both tender moments as well as erotic and steamy sex.  Her characters are alive and give you a full sense of their range of emotions. The editing is clean with very few errors which is unusual with a lot of e-book publishers.
I truly fell for Declan and wanted him for myself, not just for sex but to love and protect just as Killian finds himself wanting him.  Those character names are unique and made the guys more interesting than if they had just been John, Mark or Steve.  There is some hot sex in this book, no doubt about that, but it fits the story and works between the two main characters.
From the title and certain scenes in the book, you get the idea that there will be other books in the series, but as yet, there have been no additions.  I hope this will be changed soon as I would love to read more about Declan, Killian and the other guys at the Chicken Ranch.

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