Thursday, April 26, 2012


Publisher: Mystic Ways Books
Author: Wynn Wagner
Title: Brent The Heart Reader
Paperback ISBN 978-1470072841
Hardback ISBN    978-1-105-61875-8
e-Book ISBN        978-1620955758
Pages: 316
BISAC        Fiction / Gay (adult content)
Tags new age, tarot, lgbt, romance, gay, gay adoption
KINDLE ($ 6.99):

Brent is a tarot reader, a young man whose adopted family doesn’t like tarot readers or gays or Swedes or anything else that Brent can bring to the discussion.  One of his tarot readings is for a young Sioux man, and that’s where Brent’s old life stops. Brent’s finds a whole new life that is full of wonder and adventure, as he learns to read his own heart first.
Viking meets Sioux — fireworks.

BRENT: THE HEART READER is the tender and sexy story of self-awareness and acceptance as this wounded healer lets himself fall in love with a wonderful man.

I came to this book not really knowing what to expect as I had only read two other novels by Wynn Wagner from his Vamp Camp series, which I loved by the way.  This book is much different from either of those.  There is deep romance to be found here as well as some pretty amazing sex and a lot of pure comedy which I absolutely loved.
The book is also about family and how after he loses his mother his adopted family throws him out completely while the family of his new love, Takota, accept him and make him a part of their family with all the love support and sometimes nerve racking insanity that comes along with the privlidge.
Brent is an amazing young man who is terrific to get to know and funny in is many neurotic handlings and mishandlings of the events he has to deal with in escalating speed as the books moves forward.  I learned a great deal about the art of Tarot which was actually very interesting and a welcome addition to the book, it’s always nice to have a learning experience with my entertainment.
The book is set up for a sequel and I, for one pray and will endlessly annoy Wynn, until one shows up, be warned, mister!  

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  1. ohhhhh this one sounds great!!! will have to get this one!!!