Friday, April 6, 2012


Publisher: Silver Publishing
Author: RJ Scott
Cover Artist: Reese Dante
Genres: Contemporary, Family & Relationships, Gay, Romance
ISBN: 9781920484392
Format: e-book
Pages: 256 pp.
Word Count: 53510
Price: $ 5.99 Your Price $ 5.39
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Kieran Addison ran to London six years before when his attraction to his brothers lover, Jordan Salter, became too much to handle. He has only returned home once, and that was for his own brother's funeral.

When his dad becomes ill, he finally returns home for good, to take over the family business. He has to face the man that Jordan has become and the attraction between them that has never diminished.

Resentment and regret build, but when Addison Construction takes on a make or break renovation project, the two men are forced to work alongside each other to save the company.



Out of great tragedy comes great romance, but it takes an awful toll on all involved.  Love and guilt can play a hand in keeping people that are meant to be together apart especially when those meant to be together are separated by the brother of one who is the lover of the other.
A tragedy brigs the two the chance to finally be together but Kieran leaves in a rush of guilt and Jordan is left alone to deal with the aftermath of his partner’s death and his own guilt over his involvement in the accident that killed him.
Two years later, after an accident of his own, Jordan is again faced with Kieran who has returned home from abroad to stay and help the family rebuild the business that his late brother turned to shambles with bad business deals before his death.
It is up to Jordan and Kieran to save the family they love and the romance they both want so desperately.
This is a great story of family drama, romance, lost love and redemption.  I could not have asked for a better spirit lifter than this book during a week that was less than inspiring.  BACK HOME gave me new faith in true love and romance and the idea that things from the past can be saved.

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  1. Hi Randy,

    This review makes me want to pick this book up and read it!