Thursday, April 12, 2012


Publisher: Silver Publishing
Author: Ethan Stone
Title: Bartender, P.I.
Cover Artist: Reese Dante
Genres: Action/Adventure, Comedy, Contemporary, Gay, Romance
ISBN: 9781614952787
Format: E-BOOK
Pages: 135 pp.
Word Count: 24872
Price: $4.99 (Pre-order now! Release date April 14th!)
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Ex-hockey star Linc Carpenter is working as a bartender, but wants to become a private investigator. The only things standing in the way of solving the case of his dreams are muscle-bound hunk Brady Williams and his own ineptitude.
When hockey star Linc Carpenter is banned from playing his beloved sport, he starts over in Tampa. Master of the mixed metaphor, Linc knows he's not the sharpest tool in the shed. He's a lousy bartender, but doesn't know what else to do until he gets a shot at being a private investigator.
If he can prove that wealthy fashion designer Quentin Faulkner is cheating on his wife, this case will earn him big money. Faulkner's bodyguard, Brady Williams, proves to be the biggest hindrance to completing his assignment, other than his own ineptitude. Linc is shocked when Brady admits to being attracted to him. He's even more shocked when Brady turns down immediate sex because he's looking for so much more. Will their new relationship survive the dangers of this case?

In the best tradition of soap opera camp drama, romance and action comes BARTENDER, P.I. a love story like no other.  I can’t say a lot about the plot itself without giving away too many spoilers but if you were a fan of ALL MY CHILDREN you will certainly get a kick out of this book.
Linc, a somewhat disgraced ex-hockey star is a bumbling air head in the nicest sense of the term and he doesn’t know the meaning of giving up…literally, he doesn’t know the meaning of a lot of things, which makes him all the funnier and more endearing to the reader and to Brady, the bodyguard of a rich fashion designer love interest of Linc who has been hired to get the dirt on said fashion designer. 
Fun characters, slapstick comedy and a bit of steamy sex make this a great day’s reading.