Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Publisher: Silver
Author: Greg Bowden
Cover Artist: Reese Dante
Genres: Contemporary, M/M, M/M/M, M/F, Romance
ISBN: 9781920502898
Format: e-book
Pages: 334 pp.
Word Count: 69420
Price: $ 6.99
You Earn: 7 Reward Points


Josh Price and Eric Blore are promoted to the Palm Springs branch of Angel's Quest Insurance. Before leaving, they rescue Ryan McKibben, a victim of abuse. Ryan's journey helps him discover who he is and grow comfortable with who he is.

Ryan McKibben is an abused young man--beaten by his father--without many options. Eric Blore knows Ryan's pain--he's been there himself--and is determined to help. Eric and his partner, Josh Price, rescue Ryan from the violent situation, giving him a safe haven in Palm Springs, where they're moving for a job promotion.

Paul and Sandra Weller are retiring from Angel's Quest Insurance, the Palm Springs branch, whether they want to or not. Paul doesn't care. He's having an affair with an important society maven. But Sandra has a secret reason for wanting to stay tied to Angel's Quest, one that involves her lover, Pedro Gonzales, the man who cleans the office.

Follow Ryan's journey as it intersects and entwines with the others and see him discover who he is and grow confident and comfortable with himself.


This story of romance was like none other I have read before.  As a rule, I don’t care for the idea of “open” relationships even when the partners share the third together but in this case it seems to have worked well for Eric and Josh.
Ryan joined their family and became an instant third in their sexual play which kept the action focused on these three, and there was a LOT of action.
Other characters such as Pedro, Paul and Sandra added to the plot in various ways, helping to move the story along.  I admit, I wasn’t thrilled with the M/F sexual situations and more or less tuned them out as I read.
There was a bit of a mystery, or would have been if the author hadn’t shown the reader who done it when they did the crime, this could have added to the drama and expanded the story and the drama a bit, adding another level to the characterization.  It didn’t hurt the book any though, just didn’t add to it.
Overall the book was highly enjoyable and heavily sexual which was acceptable with the story.  Give it a read for a fun weekend.