Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Author: Andrew Grey
Series: The Art Series
ISBN-13: 978-1-61372-438-5
Pages: 200
Cover Artist: Anne Cain
Book Type:    eBook
File Formats Available:      .epub, .prc, .prc, html, pdf
Price: $ 6.99

Timothy left home when he was eighteen to get away from his reckless mother, but he never stopped visiting his grandfather, who taught him what love was all about.  Now that Grampy has passed away, Timothy finds that the old man's legacy is everything Timothy has dreamed of—and more.
Inside the house Timothy loves so much is a cache of coins with historical value… and a mystery, because one of them isn’t supposed to exist.  In memory of his grandfather, Timothy sets out to make sure that the mystery and the coins are given their due honor.  In his quest to keep the government from confiscating his grandfather’s legacy, he meets Joiner, whose interest in Timothy is as clear and open as Timothy is guarded.  There are things about Timothy's life and his past he doesn't want anyone to know, not even the kind man who is helping him with the complications of legal tender.

It is always a pleasure to read a new novel by Andrew Grey and doubly so when it is part of The Art Series.  This time we get to see into the lives of Timothy and Joiner, an odd name granted, but I grew attached to him so quickly as he opened his arms and heart to the loveable but heart broke and damaged Timothy.
The novel revolves around the legacy of a coin collection left to Timothy
by his beloved Grandfather.  Other characters playing key parts in the novel were also vividly drawn out as in any Andrew Grey novel.  There are far too many details that play into the plot to mention without giving away spoilers so I will leave you with these parting words; buy the book and have an engaging, enjoyable day of reading. 
There are a number of sex scenes which are well done but handled in a romantic fashion.  There is a memory of a rape described which is unpleasant but necessary to the story, if this makes you uncomfortable be warned.


  1. Great review Randy! enjoy reading them so very much!

  2. Thanks! I'm glad people are enjoying the reviews and I hope getting the books!