Thursday, July 5, 2012


Publisher: No Boundaries Press
Author(s): S. L. Danielson & Julie Lynn Hayes
Title: Aftermath
Series: Southern Comfort
Book: 3
Pages: 198
Price: $4.99
Format: e-book


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In the aftermath of the Homecoming Dance, a great rift has grown between Mark and Blake, one that was begun with the refusal of a dance. New alliances are strengthened and old ones reinforced. Mark makes his choice and moves out of the Davis home, back to George’s house… and Todd. Clay does his best to give Blake what he needs, even if it entails staying with Mark. Todd’s mother steps in to nurse George back to health, and that bond only deepens. Will Mark do what he just told Blake he couldn’t, and give Todd his ring? Will Clay show Blake that he’s the better man? And will new student Taylor Andrews throw a monkey wrench into Mark’s plans for Todd?

Who will survive the aftermath, and what will the new alliances be?


Anyone who reads my reviews knows I like high school romance themed series.  This is the third in the Southern Comfort series by S. L. Danielson and Julie Lynn Hayes and it is probably the best yet.  Characters go through major life changes since the cliffhanger ending of book 2 and this is truly the AFTERMATH of those events.

Without giving away the story to any degree it is hard to really give an accurate portrait of this book.  We are introduced to a few new characters; Taylor and Jacob respectively, who it is obvious, will return in book 4.
Mark and Blake, no longer together, struggle with the sadness and resentments of their nasty break up while their new significant others’ try to deal with the emotional fall out.  At the end of the book, while not a cliffhanger this time, still leave questions that the reader is left to wait for book 4 to get their answers in.
Oh, teen romance!  You thought being an adult in love had its dramas? 

Enjoy SOUTHERN COMFORT # 3: AFTERMATH, but please remember to read book 1: IT STARTED WITH A DARE and book 2: GROWING PAINS first.  This is a series you have to read in order to follow, it might help to have a score card too.  EXCELLENT reading experience!

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