Monday, July 9, 2012

Chateau d' Eternite by Ariel Tachna – A REVIEW

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Author: Ariel Tachna
Title: Chateau D’ Eternite
Pages:  78
Cover Artist: Anne Cain
Price: FREE


When Russ Peterson accepts an invitation to an all-expense paid vacation at a resort castle in southern France, the last thing he expects is to learn he has the power to travel through time. As a historian, it’s a dream come true, offering the chance to find answers to all the great mysteries of the past. But it’s not without risks, to himself and to the world as he knows it.

After a few short, supervised visits into the past, Russ still hasn’t made up his mind about his newfound abilities. Then, on his first extended trip, he meets Quentus Maximus, second in command to the Legate of Nemausus. While learning more than he’d dreamed about the realities of life in Roman Gaul, Russ is shocked by his reaction to Quentus’s dominant nature. He has only a week to spend with Quentus before his vacation is up, and he’s faced with a decision he never expected to make: stay in the past with a man he’s only known for eight days or return home to the only life he’s ever known.


In the past few months I have found 2 outstanding FREE reads, the first was Kaje Harper’s INTO DEEP WATER and now I am adding Chateau d' Eternite by Ariel Tachna. 
This is an amazing historical drama, time travel and erotic novel.  Every element of a good book is right here and ready to be devoured in one sitting as I did.  It is short enough that you can read it in a few hours but detailed to the point then when you have finished you feel as though you have gone through history with the main Character< Russ.  If all historical romances were this good I’d read more of them.  Also, the editing on this book was top notch which kept you reading not noticing spelling, punctuation, and added/dropped words as many books do.
Go to Dreamspinner Press and download this book immediately, you won’t be sorry.
On a final note, this would make for a darn good series!

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