Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Yes It's Me

My wonderful mate Randy who is having surgery this week has let me run amok on his blog while he recovers - fingers crossed the dear man will be back up and back in action in about a weeks time... I even promised him I would behave - why the hell did I do that?

Okay I thought I would do the nice thing straight up as  I should at least attempt to be good and behave. So for my first posting I am going to review a book that I absolutely love:

The Dark Angels: With Wings by Z Allora.

Book 1
This is the first book in the The Dark Angels series and I recommend that you take the time to read these books in order as the story lines will be much more enjoyable

Guitarist Dare Stone and lead singer Angel Luv have led the Dark Angels to Rock `n roll sensation. As a creative team they are unstoppable. Maybe that's why Dare is having an unusual attraction to Angel. Dare is and always has been straight, but Angel's flirting is stirring thoughts that Dare can no longer contain.

A working trip alone with Angel to Bali ignites passions in Dare that he can no longer deny, and their working relationship becomes a roller coaster 'friends with benefits' package. A package with an expiration date. Trouble is, Dare's not sure he wants the relationship to end. Seems he's fallen in love, and he only has wings and a song to try and win Angel's heart for good.

My Take:

I won this book in one of Ethan Day's Gay Day's and I am so glad that I did. I was sucked in from the very beginning of the book and didn't put it down until I had finished (have you ever tried cooking dinner with a book in your hands - not easy).

I absolutely loved Dare and Angel's love story for that is what it truly is a wonderful and kind of erotic (okay, very erotic) love story. This book had me crying laughing yelling and wanting more. You should have seen me when I heard that there was another book in the series (actually better you didn't - my snoopy dancing can be kinda scary).

This is a book that is up in the top five of my constant re reads. because I love the way the characters interact with each other - how they support each other through the tough times and celebrated during the good times.

I refuse to tell you too much about the content as you really need to read this story for yourself just to find out how wonderful it really is. Though I will tell you that there are two more books in this series already available The Dark Angels: Tied Together and The Dark Angels: Finally Fallen which I know is in the wonderful hands of Z Allora's Editor at MLRPress.


  1. Hee, what fun you could have! Hope Randy gets better soon. Going to have to look at picking up a copy of this one. My dh gave me a KindleTouch for Christmas. I've been having fun with it.

    1. Sweet - I hope you enjoy it as much as I did... I am hanging out for #3...