Monday, February 13, 2012


Title: Possibilities
Valentine 2012 Release #11
 Author: Kaje Harper
ISBN# 978-1-60820-608-7 (ebook) $2.99
Release Date: February 2012
Cover Artist: Deana C. Jamroz
Page Count: 45pages, 12,000 words
Available At:
MlrBooks (ebook) (ebook)




After the five years he spent with his last lover, Cade has come to regard Valentine's Day as irrelevant - just another day when romantic chumps spend money they can't spare to keep the chocolate and greeting card companies happy. But his lover, Lorin, has been dead for eight months. After struggling to get past his grief, and cope with his HIV positive status, Cade is beginning to think about getting on with his life. Joel, a young co-worker, is not the person Cade would have chosen to share his battered and tainted renaissance. But Joel may be just the man to unfreeze the romantic in Cade's soul.



    I’ll be the first to admit that I tend to avoid reading books and stories with any mention of HIV or AIDS.  I read them for years then burned out.  When I saw this one among MLR’s Valentine’s Day releases I was a bit reluctant but started it anyway.  It was a tad slow but Kaje Harper tends to develop her characters and plot carefully and you have to have patience with her work which is why I enjoyed her first novel LIFE LESSONS, so much.  That was the other reason I was willing to tackle this novella, I love KH’s work, I know there will be solid storytelling and believable characters.

   POSIBILITIES lived up to its title.  Cade, for all his resistance to Joel’s charms really did want to love and once he saw that he wasn’t going to be “tainting” his new friend, he relaxed and began to enjoy the new relationship.  I don’t know about his former partner though, Lorin didn’t strike me as too great a guy, we only saw his through Cade’s eyes and frankly, I didn’t like him.  Cade and Joel however make a great match and the book is a terrific addition to Kaje’s cannon of stories as well as MLR’s list of Valentine’s Day releases.


  1. have never read any of KJ's works, but your review has me considering added them to my TBP list... Thanks for a great review...

  2. She is a wonderful writer and well worth the time and money. Thanks for your post!