Sunday, February 19, 2012


Well, being a gay guy, I find myself in a minority reading M/M books which is kind of strange.  It seems to me that mostly women write them and mostly women read them.
At first this disturbed me when I was reading the sex scene to realize a woman wrote what I was..well, getting excited over.  After a while I started to just accept it.
Now many of these authors are my friends and I talk to a lot of them daily so it just isn't an issue anymore. So women like to read the stuff. Fine, that just makes more people open minded to the gay community.  Maybe that means they will be accepting if their own children/grandchildren turn out gay.
The more acceptance there is, the less bullying, the less teen suicide suicide.



  1. Oh man, I'm SO glad to see a guy not complaining over women reading and writing gay fiction! You won't believe how many do (a lot of them are gay authors). Funny you should post this, I've written three posts on this, I just haven't got the guts to post them yet, lol.

    Yes, I will be very accepting and supportive if one or both of my sons are gay. Whether or not they'll be, they'll learn that being GLBT is not abnormal and shouldn't be ridiculed.

    1. Erica,
      Feel free to send them to me and I'll put them here as a guest blog like I did with NJ's. I'm going to be doing the guest blogs while I try to catch up with my reviews. I got behind while I was sick and not much able to read or write anything for a weeek.


  2. Like Erica, I am glad to see that you aren't complaining about this like a lot of others do.

    I read all sorts (and write all sorts as well, though only my m/m stories are published at this time) and have never purchased a book based on the gender of the person who wrote it. It annoys me when people do such a thing and I am sure many people must be missing out on a lot of good books because of their personal hang-ups about who should be writing what.

  3. I found M/M by hitting on a Lynn Hagen book on the B&N site shortly after I got my Nook. After reading it I was hooked. I don't care who writes what as long as it holds my attention and is well written.
    There are thing that some women do in their books I do care for at times but I gloss over it.
    The few books by male writers have been okay but missing something with the exception of Mark Roeder, Ethan Day &
    Rick R. Reed.
    Your review will be up soon. I took sick and fell way behind.


  4. Women tend to write romance more than men do in general and they also tend to focus on the emotion more than men - not always mind you, just usually. I enjoy reading M/M fiction mainly because I know what I like about a man and therefore can understand what another man might see and get just as sucked into the story as I would with a M/F. For years men have written from women's perspectives, not sure I see the difference. Love is love no matter who the participants are. I am glad it no longer bothers you.

  5. I was able to adjust to the idea without much trouble. Now it amuses me to a degree but mostly I don't think about weather the author is male or female.
    There are so many great authors and great books I'll have review materiel for years to come! (no pun intended);)