Monday, May 14, 2012


    Well, I won't be able to post as much as my Nook was stolen while I was at the hospital visiting my father this evening.  Now I will have to read on the computer when I am at home rather than on the reader at the hospital as I was doing so much lately.
   I will get a mew device when I can, until then I'll review when possible.  Just wanted to let everyone know.
   As to my father, he is improving and will be moved to a rehab facility this week.  Thanks for all of your prayers and well wishes.  Talk to you soon.



  1. Oh now, I'm so sorry :/ I know this is a bad time to joke, but the person who stole it is bound to get a surprise when they check out the books.

    I hope your dad will get better soon.


  2. Oh my! I'm so sorry! That's really low for someone to do that. Sending love and prayers your way for your dad.


  3. Erica,
    Yeah, I thought about that. Unless it's a gay thief he isn't going to be too happy. I called B&N and reported it stolen so nobody can order any more books on it.

    I've learned that people can be low no matter where you run into them. Nothing much shocks me any more.