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Author & Publisher: Mark A. Roeder
Title: Fierce Competition (Novella)
Format: e-Book
Available in epub or mobi
Pages: 82

AMAZON – Kindle $ 3.99

B& – Nook $ 3.99


Curtis sets his sights on the heartthrob of Camp Neeswaugee, Cody Studebaker, only to discover that another boy, Elijah, has an eye for him too. When Curtis finds out his dream boy is gay he begins a campaign to impress Cody, but Elijah keeps getting in the way. Curtis and Elijah are locked in a competition and Cody is the prize. Each boy uses dirty tricks and sabotage to eliminate the competition, but they soon begin to suspect that Cody is playing his own game.


Mark Roeder is well known for his series of young adult novels The Gay Youth Chronicles which now number in the 20’s.  This novella is a rare break for him into shorter fiction and it is a great pleasure to read.  I went to camp as a teen but I sure never got to enjoy it as much as Curtis, Elijah and Cody.
Practical and sometimes hurtful jokes and stunts become tedious when the competition between Curtis and Elijah over the attention of Cody, the boy they both want draws to an end the closer camp comes to its own conclusion. 
I love Mark’s books, they are fun reading and this is no different.  I kept wishing there was more to it as I got closer to the end.  Each of his novels is full bodied and in its own way FIERCE COMPETITION is as well because there is a complete story arc with fun, likeable characters, amusing action and antics, a bit of angsty teen drama and a big finish that make you yearn for more.  So, GREAT JOB MARK!

Just a note: This is a solid YA book with nothing resembling graphic or even PG-13 sex.  In other words it is safe for teens 13 and up.

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